Christie Brinkley SLAYS at 60 years old

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley turned 60 on Feb. 2, making her the hottest 60-year-old who has ever set foot on this planet. This is how she looked at last night’s 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit party:

And this is how she looked at the 50 years of SI Swimsuit Editions celebration just a few weeks ago:

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Unless you post a photo of your girlfriend in the comment section (don’t really do this) and wait for a ruling from commenters, we’re all going to assume she’s not as attractive as 60-year-old Christie Brinkley. There’s no shame in that, though, because Brinkley looks ridiculous. She’d actually look ridiculous even for a 50-year-old, or a 40-year-old. Hell, she’d stand out in a group mid-20-year-old eights and above. She looks that good.

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How uncomfortable would it be if she was your grandmother? Like, yo Grams, cover your cleavage, please. You’re making my girlfriend feel like shit.