12 Years a Slave Cast - Photo Post (Bafta Edition)

With his girlfriend Sari

Damn.. I love that colour on her

One of my favourite looks because I can't see her shoes :p
But her shoes aren't that bad, compared to other ones she has worn

With her mum Dorothy

With Bradley Cooper
Awww they're wearing similar looking suits


With my future father-in-law ;9.. (J/K!)

With his wife


With Oprah

I really want him to win an Oscar :((

With Cate Blanchett & Helen Mirren

Christoph Waltz, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen, Anthony Katagas & Brad Pitt

With Tinie Tempah



With his sister

"Losers Selfie with Fasso"

"Party over Here! With Michael Fassbender and Emma Thompson"

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I'm so happy for Chiwetel, Steve... & Abdi!

Do all my images work now, mods? I can't tell because they were working in the rejected post :/