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12 Years a Slave Cast - Photo Post (Bafta Edition)
jacobcr wrote in ohnotheydidnt

With his girlfriend Sari

Damn.. I love that colour on her

One of my favourite looks because I can't see her shoes :p
But her shoes aren't that bad, compared to other ones she has worn

With her mum Dorothy

With Bradley Cooper
Awww they're wearing similar looking suits


With my future father-in-law ;9.. (J/K!)

With his wife


With Oprah

I really want him to win an Oscar :((

With Cate Blanchett & Helen Mirren

Christoph Waltz, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen, Anthony Katagas & Brad Pitt

With Tinie Tempah



With his sister

"Losers Selfie with Fasso"

"Party over Here! With Michael Fassbender and Emma Thompson"

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I'm so happy for Chiwetel, Steve... & Abdi!

Do all my images work now, mods? I can't tell because they were working in the rejected post :/

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Yay for Steve and Chiwetel, but did they seriously give Best Supporting Actress to JLaw? :|

But she didn't get a BAFTA for SLP so I can understand why they gave it to her this year

She didn't deserve to win last year either, Riva did.

That doesn't make sense, last year wasn't a snub.

How is Lupita so gorgeous? like....idek

Laaaaady haven't seen you for ages <3

Hey you! I've been around! I made all the AHS viewing posts :)

Flawless cast remains eternally flawless. <3 And oh godddddddd that means Fassy's going to have that beard in Macbeth and I am just going to diiieee

It looks like he trimmed his beard a bit.. and he cut his hair again! :(
I need it looking like Shame/Xmen era again

RIP Michael Fassbender's beauty

omg dat ginger beard
omg chiwetel
omg steve <3

so much beauty in this post

omg dat ginger beard

lol, i thought you were implying chiwetel is gay.

literally as flat as a board

So...? She's ridiculously stunning. Her skin, her face....slaying me every time.

okay... well that dress makes her stomach stick out as far as her breasts, if not a tiny bit further. it's nagl. who said anything about the rest? i s2g, you can never read comments without replying to things that weren't said.

lmao @ you rn, you are the only person who gives a fuck, small minded human. she is flawless.

huh what's wrong with small boobed people lol?

I know ppl cream themselves over the thick hourglass big boobed/big butt shape but small boobs are cute too.

fassy should consider a vacation, he's been looking rough lately.

He's filming Trespass Against Us after Macbeth. Probably promo for Xmen & Frank then filming Assassin's Creed. I don't think he'll be relaxing any time soon :(

damn has he had any downtime at all over the past 3 years?

he has to promote the xmen movie which means he might fly over to different countries and give lots of interviews. and I think he is also filming a movie rn so I can see him looking rougher in the upcoming weeks

I think he might be looking rough for his role as Macbeth, but yeah he hasn't had any rest lately either.

lupita looks ridiculously amazing in that dress
sari looks good too

Chiwetel's sister is really gorgeous. Lupita <3 I really hope she wins the Oscar, but I'm preparing for her not to :(

I feel like this movie was the best one of the year.

show me a pic of the shoes lol I always complain about the shoes, if they are not that bad I need to see it!

and I like the dress, its looks great on her, but I'm not very into that kind of green. I'm really curious about what she will wear to the Oscars. I kinda hope its a golden dress.

you are right they are not that bad. I do wish they weren't green tho.. but I'll take what I can get.

I'm gonna start prayers for her Oscars shoes

her only flaw is her choice in shoes

SLAY ME LUPITA. ;;_;; Lordddd

Michael looks hot in your icon & in these pics OP

Chiwetel looks fab. <33


HE LOOKS gooddddddddddddddddd

chiwetel looks so damn good (as usual). so glad my fav is finally getting some love

Lupita looked stunning! I hope she pulls out something even more amazing for the Oscars (that she will sadly lose :()

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