little dragon return with their dreamy new single, "klapp klapp"

"klapp klapp," is the first single off of little dragon's fourth studio album, nabuma rubberband, to be released on may 13th and it fits right in line with what has made this swedish synthpop group such a treat over their last few albums.
yukimi nagano's vocals are on full display here as they glide across the warped kraut&b melody, lulling the listener into a trance.


1. "mirror"
2. "klapp klapp"
3. "pretty girls"
4. "underbart"
5. "cat rider"
6. "paris"
7. "lurad"
8. "nabuma rubberband"
9. "only one"
10. "killing me"
11. "pink cloud"
12. "let go"



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