Season 9 of "Ghost Adventures" Kicks off with Charles Manson/Sharon Tate

The Season 9 premiere of “Ghost Adventures” by our own Zak Bagans on Saturday delves into the hideous and horrific Manson murders. Cult-commune crackpot Charlie Manson, now 79, is still serving life behind bars at San Quentin — after his death sentence was commuted — for the murder of Oscar-winning director (cough and rapist) Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate. (The helmer of “Rosemary’s Baby,” Chinatown and “The Pianist” was filming in London at the time.)

Their mansion in Benedict Canyon in Hollywood has long been rumored to be haunted since the brutal and gruesome murders that shocked America in August 1969. Manson led the two-night murder spree of seven people in all by his “family” of girls including “Squaky” Fromme, Susan Atkins and Leslie Van Houton. At the controversial trial, Manson even leapt from the defense table to attack the judge.

Now for the first time, Zak’s infra-ray cameras and highly sensitive spirit recording equipment have been permitted near the actual residence.

“Lock down your Saturday because we burst out with our investigation of hauntings from the Manson murders,” Zak told me. “We have some amazing investigations this season, and we start off with a very dark, scary location within a stone’s throw from where the Sharon Tate murders occurred. We were called to a home in Benedict Canyon about 100 yards from the exact location of where Sharon Tate and others were murdered by the Manson family.”

Well-respected parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff experienced very disturbing and dangerous events while trying to investigate the home. The area in Benedict Canyon where the home sits is recognized by the National Geological Society as an “anomalous energy site" harboring many strange events, including paranormal activity.

“We go to see whether or not this energy has anything to do with the massacre or other theories. Many bad things happened during our Manson murders investigation that we were unable to debunk as explainable. “Other locations this season include the Myrtles Plantation, the Morris Jumel Mansion in search of George Washington’s ghost and Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. We also have special guests including scientist Bill Chappell, who documents an extraordinary capture of paranormal evidence.”

For added creepiness, here is Manson's 1999 interview with Diane Sawyer:

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