On The Scene: Cam’ron Proves He Is The Belle of The Ballroom

Step aside House Mother Kanye, there’s a new fashionable bitch in town and he is coming for that ballroom trophy. Dipset rapper Cam’ron debuted his new cape line with designer Mark McNairy at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday (February 11).

“I was wearing capes in the street even before this came about. This is why this is part of this fashion week because they seen me on Instagram rocking the cape,” Cam shared with Complex while backstage at the fashion viewing. “It was opening day February 2, after the Super Bowl. That’s when the streets got it. I don’t know when we’re going to put them on sale yet, but it’s been opening day for me for about 10 days.”

The seasoned stunt queen took to the runway with his girlfriend to close the show and when asked if he was nervous about strutting his stuff replied, ”I mean, the thing is with me, my life is a catwalk. Everything is a catwalk for me. I walk to the store and that’s a catwalk. So to me, this is pretty much easy.”