Lip-Locked: The 19 Best Kisses in TV History

It often strikes without warning. The setup almost too flawless: a longing gaze, a tilt of the head, a casual laugh that slowly trails off, a flicker of the eyes… Sometimes, it’s influenced by things beyond our control: the ticking of a bomb. Close quarters in a limousine. Even plastic wrap.
Why it’s the beloved TV kiss, of course! You know, those things that makes us laugh and cry and gasp and even feel butterflies. This Valentine’s Day, TVLine is celebrating the art of the lip lock by presenting a gallery of the best kisses from primetime’s past and present — including video so you can re-live your favorites from series including Bones, Nashville, Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Fitz & Olivia (Scandal)
Episode : "Whisky Tango Foxtrot"
Olivia and Fitz: making computer servers sexy since 2012. We would request some water to cool down, but we wouldn't want to peel our eyes off that kiss spill and ruin all that (ahem) hardware.

Ned & Chuck (pushing daisies)
Episode : "The fun in funeral"
What's a kiss without some plastic wrap? In one of their earliest and creative kisses (after all, it is kiss or die), Chuck spontaneously takes some Saran Wrap to Ned's face and plops a killer kiss on him.

Ben & Leslie (parks & recreation)
Episode : "Leslie and Ben"
At their wedding, Leslie and Ben touch lips even before Jerry Larry can even finish announcing, "You may now kiss the bride." But that's OK, because we love them and we like them.

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Pacey & Joey (dawson's creek)
Episode : "Stolen Kisses"
"Proximity is a good thing when you like someone," Pacey tells Joey before they kiss. Remind us again why this show wasn't called Pacey's Creek? Pacey + Joey 4EVA.

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Danny & Mindy (the mindy project)
Episode : "Desert"

A little turbulence is all it takes to spur Danny to action, tracking his fellow doc to the airplane galley for a super hot makeout sesh. Who needs to join the mile-high club when a kiss this good will easily suffice?

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Sawyer & Kate (Lost)
Episode : "I do"

Well, lock us in a cage and throw away the key! (That way, we'll have more time to watch Kate and Sawyer kiss -- and then some -- in the clink.

Chuck&Sarah, Chuck&Blair, Mitch&Cam, Deacon&Rayna, Pam&Jim, Roger&Joan, Brittany&Santana, Booth&Bones, Kirk&Uhura, Ross&Rachel, Rick&Kate, Sheldon&Amy, Willow&Tara!1/pushing-daisies-ned-chuck/