Drake Speaks on Relationship With Rihanna: 'She’s the ultimate fantasy'

Drake also discussed his relationship with Rihanna, whom he was linked to since 2010. In June of 2010, Drake told The New York Times that he was a “pawn” to Rihanna as she disappeared after they hooked up. A week after, Drake clarified those comments to MTV News by saying it was rare for a woman to “makes me feel nervous or makes me feel small.”
In his latest Rolling Stone interview over three and a half years later, Drake is a changed man when it comes to pursuing Rihanna:
“She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like ‘Man, that would be good’. We have fun together, she’s cool and shit. But we’re just friends, she’s my dog for life.

He says he doesn't have a girlfriend. "I'm not after pussy like I was three years ago, when I was trying to make up for all the years when no girl would talk to me,"
he says. "But I haven't met somebody that makes everybody else not matter.

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