What You Need to Know for Hannibal Season 2

Hannibal was my favorite new show of last season, and after watching the first two episodes of season two, it is clearly on its way to becoming one of my favorite shows of all time. It is still cerebral and brutal, with a darker color palette to show that the series has gotten even more harrowing. Here are a few little teases as to what you can expect when Hannibal returns to NBC on February 28th.

The opening fight.

I won’t tell you who is involved, or what the circumstances are surrounding the fight (we don’t know, as it is proceeded by a “12 Weeks Earlier” title card) but man, is it good. I feel like all the fights I see on screen are all huge fights between supernatural creatures, but this one was a huge fight between two very normal humans (who clearly have a lot of stage fighting practice) who fight for the kill.

Gillian Anderson.

She’s back, and she will have a more important role this season. I really wish I could say more, but that would be giving too much away. Just rejoice in the knowledge that Gillian Anderson is back.

Will Graham remembers.

Back at Comic Con 2013, executive producer Bryan Fuller gave us those tantalizing three words: “Will Graham remembers.” And sure enough, in the first episode, Will Graham remembers. Or thinks he remembers. Maybe not everything. But it is enough to anchor him, to prevent him from completely falling apart.

Beverly has a bigger role. [about time]

This season she is no longer confined to crime scenes and exam rooms. She travels out to the “hospital” to get Will’s help on a new case. (Not really sure in what way Will’s prison can be considered a hospital. With gray brick walls, dim lights, and actual cages, the state hospital looks positively medieval.) Will consults - off the record - even though…

Hannibal Lecter is the New Will Graham.

Jack Crawford has enlisted Dr. Lecter to help give criminal profiles the way Will used to. Of course, Hannibal’s interests are far more self-serving than Will’s were.

The death tableaus are getting bigger.

So far, we just have the one tableau that has stretched into two episodes, but it is grand and, like the tableaus of last season, it is fucking brutal.