Midseason Premiere of Walking Dead Leaks Early on Xbox Video

With football over, AMC is looking to rule Sunday nights with the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead’s current season. But while the show isn’t set to air its midseason until Sunday night, Microsoft and Xbox have given it to fans a little earlier — without the consent of AMC.

Xbox users woke up on Saturday morning to find that the new, yet to air episode of The Walking Dead was available in the video store and available for viewing. A few crafty users on Reddit managed to watch the episode and post about it online (there are no uploads of it) before AMC and Xbox both realized the mistake that was made and pulled the episode out of the video store.

So if you’re looking for the episode now, it’s not going to be there as Xbox has since taken the video down, but more than a few people have now seen the episode. If you’re shocked by how big of an oversight this was, it’s not the first time that a The Walking Dead premiere episode has been leaked early by a major streaming service.

Back in late 2013, the first episode of season four was leaked early on Google Play, which means both premiere episodes from season four were leaked early by two different services.


[For spoiler phobes who still clicked on the post]"Watched it on XBox Video this morning, it's it was freely available on there this morning by mistake. But I know not everyone has access to that, so here's the spoilers for those who want 'em:

Only 3 characters featured in this episode, Michonne, Rick and Carl.

First thing is the prison overrun with walkers. Michonne is watching it, she uses her katana to put down Hershel's severed head. She then makes new pets (the armless jawless zombies) and heads off into the wilderness.

Then we see Rick and Carl, Rick is all beat to shit and Carl is pissed off. They are walking. They're clearing buildings together, Rick is trying to give orders but Carl's not havin it. Eventually they settle down in a house for the night.

In the morning Carl is trying unsuccessfully to wake up Rick, and the noise alerts zombies outside the door. Carl goes outside to lure them away, he trips and has a close call but manages to kill them and go back in. He then talks to unconscious Rick about how he can handle himself now, how Rick couldn't protect anybody and so they're all dead. Carl then wanders off outside again.

We see a dream sequence of Michonne in her apartment before the turn, with the men who were her original zombie pets. They're sitting at a table, dressed nicely, then abruptly halfway through the scene they're dressed in zombie survival mode. The conversation becomes incoherent. Michonne is holding a baby through most of this scene and it abruptly vanishes near the end. She wakes up and continues on her way.

Back to Carl. He comes to a house. He's going through clearing it and finds a big ass can of pudding. A zombie pops out, he has another close call, but again gets away. He eats his big can of pudding outside that house, then goes back. When he gets inside, Rick is groaning and lurches off the couch; Carl thinks he's turned and readies his gun. Then he decides he can't do it, and resigns himself to being eaten. Then Rick goes "Carl..." and everything's alright.

We see Michonne going through the woods, she kills a fuckton of zombies, then finds places that we saw Rick and Carl in at the beginning of the episode. The episode ends with her knocking on the front door of the house they're in. They become alerted at the sound, then laugh with relief when they see it's her. Episode over."