Taylor Momsen freaked out by Jeffrey Dahmer hotel room

Actress-turned-rocker TAYLOR MOMSEN and her bandmates were thrilled to discover the bathroom of their hotel suite during a recent stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was haunted.

The Pretty Reckless star admits she bribed the manager to let the group stay in the room where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered his last victim - and they were impressed when the suite turned out to be just as spooky as they'd hoped it would be.

Momsen tells Revolver magazine, "As I was showering, some weird s**t happened. The shower shut off and the bathtub started to fill up with water, then the shower went back on... It was a little creepy.

"When I opened the curtain, it had gotten all steamy. I looked up and I saw a giant handprint high up on the wall. Someone would have had to stand on the toilet to reach up that high.

"That room was the shower room for the day, and it happened to everybody in the band. They all saw the same handprint, but, like, in different places. It was really weird."