Katherine Heigl's Dog Gertie Drinks From Martini Glass

Katherine Heigl loves her dogs—so much so, in fact, they get the movie star treatment!

On Friday, the actress tweeted a precious picture of her Chihuahua-mix Gertie looking oh-so-gorgeous in a blue sweater and sipping daintily from a martini glass. But not to worry, fellow animal lovers! Mama Heigl would never give actually her fur baby alcohol!
The Grey's Anatomy alum wrote that "after busy day supervising movie making, Gertie unwinds with a Martini," before clarifying, "Just kidding!" So just why was Ms. Gertie drinking from a martini glass? Katherine had a logical explanation, tweeting, "I didn't have a water bowl!"

In 2008, Katherine and her mom Nancy founded The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation in honor of the actress's brother, who was killed at age 15 in a tragic car accident in 1986. The organization's mission is to eliminate the needless suffering inflicted on animals by human cruelty, indifferent and ignorance."