Best of: Katie Holmes hairstyles with ALTERNA

Girl Next Door 0:17
"I had this look for a long time; this was the look of Joey Potter."

Ombre 0:33
"I decided to just let it all grow out so I didn't have to keep dying it... I wouldn't say it's my best look."

Long & Straight 0:49
"It's simple, it's elegant, it's sophisticated."

Banged Bob 1:17
"So this was... a big cut for me, doing a bob. Um, and I'd always wanted to have one. I enjoyed it!"~

Long, Natural Waves 1:27
"A little bit of wave is nice because it's, y'know, you're not taking yourself too seriously. It's easy. Kinda lasts for a couple days, especially if you put that dry shampoo in." ;)

Twist Updo 1:47
"The idea was to do a twist that kinda looked like a mohawk. I really liked it! I felt... cool."

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