Who is the Winner of Top Chef New Orleans?

topchefNO photo top-chef-new-orleans-la_zpsbc1b5889.jpg

topchefnic photo nick-elmi-full_zps0d868d91.png

Nicholas (Congrats for Hosea-ing your way to Top Chef)

topchefnina photo nina-compton-full_zps6c1aa359.png

Runner Up Nina

Quick Recap: Nic chose Jason, Brian, and Louis with his advantage from winning the last episode's challenge as his sous chef. Nina chose Shirley, Stephanie, and Travis as her sous chef. Nic under-seasoned a couple of his courses, inconsistency in cooking his duck, and dessert was okay. Nina had the better first two course and her fish and dessert lost to Nic's. Super long judging table and some how Tom got his way and Nic is Top Chef.

Source: Me and my TV , SOURCE