James Franco Launches Acting School

Oscar nominee James Franco is collaborating with Playhouse West to run his own acting school, named Studio 4.

Held at the Sherry Theater in Los Angeles, CA, the school will feature Franco and additional guest teachers offering bi-weekly classes using the Meisner technique.

Playhouse West is the original home of Sanford Meisner's Los Angeles classes, and Studio 4 has adopted the Playhouse West approach, which incorporates innovations that Meisner added to his technique following the end of his teaching career.

Additional advanced classes following Franco's creative visions will also be offered, incorporating the work of his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions. Franco will use his influence to include industry professionals in Q&A sessions and hold scene nights in the studio.


Welcome to Playhouse West Studio 4! James Franco's school for actors. Studio 4 offers Meisner Technique classes from beginning to advanced as well as a broad network of professional actors and artists. James Franco founded Studio 4 as a space for collaborative experiences based in film, theater and performance art.

Studio 4, in direct conjunction with James Franco's rapidly growing production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, offers many unique opportunities, not found in other acting schools. We will invite industry professionals to the classes for Q and A sessions, and will regularly have scene nights in the studio. In addition to outstanding teachers, the students will have the opportunity to showcase their acting talents in front of James, one of the industries busiest directors and actors. Rabbit Bandini and James will cast roles directly from his classes, and will involve his students in a variety of his film and art projects.

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