Stassi Schroeder quit Sur & has moved to NYC

"‘Vanderpump Rules’: Stassi Talks Quitting SUR & Moving To NYC"
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What would Vanderpump Rules look like without puppet-master Stassi Schroeder pulling the strings, making the wait staff of SUR dance like sexy little monkeys at her every whim? We might soon find out, as the show’s HBIC tells that she’s done with the drama — and the west coast, in general.

Stassi Quitting ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

During a recent visit to our Times Square office, Ms. Schroeder revealed that she now calls the Big Apple “home,” as she’s moved on — and moved in — with boyfriend Patrick Meagher.

“I just realized that my life was just so toxic,” Stassi told us. “Like, everything was so toxic. No one was a good friend, besides Katie, obviously. I just needed to take myself out of that environment. I can’t be a waitress forever. Come on, eventually we were all going to start moving on.”

Honestly, there’s a lot of important information in the interview, including why Stassi probably won’t be attending Scheana Marie‘s wedding, so give it a look. (video at the source)

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there is no show without Stassi