Zayn tells us which member farts the most

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If you call yourself a One Direction fan, you probably pride yourself on knowing every single minor detail about each and every member of the lads. That said, you might want to give that one a rethink - especially after Zayn Malik has decided to give an extremely in depth description of one of the band's farts.

Chatting away to Top of the Pops, Zayn decided it was about time to speak out and reveal which member of 1D is the smelliest to be cooped up on the tour bus with. Turns out all that Nando's has given Niall Horan a very healthy, erm, system though and Zayn reckons he's the one who spends noon 'till night farting the day away.

“He doesn't like me telling people, but Niall farts the most out of everyone," The Bradford Bad Boi divulged.

"The thing with him is that they're really noisy, but they don't actually smell that bad. They're kind of bearable - or I might have become immune to them!

"It's just like really loud air coming out of his bum.”

Good to know. Thanks Zayn.

Source: sugarscape

Do you fart ONTD?