The Amazing James Franco Super Bowl Ad

For a second, everyone was like, “Who’s this Rob Riggle guy?” until James suddenly became Rob in the Super Bowl ad for the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which was easily one of the zaniest commercials during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

You had us at James Franco. The hilarious iconic star popped up in a Super Bowl ad for the Ford Fusion Hybrid on Feb. 2 under some pretty hilarious pretenses. Basically, he was just playing a dialed-up version of comedic actor Rob Riggle, and the results were definitely odd, and definitely funny.

For the first 30 seconds of the ad, Rob had center stage. “This has never been done before in the history of commercials,” he says, boasting that the commercial is going to be double the length. So guess who took over the next 60 seconds?

Franco busted in playing a different version of Rob. Everything that Rob did — and even said — Franco did and said a little bit bigger. It was all in the name of stating that the Ford Fusion is twice as good as everything else. And it had a tiger!

Before the spot aired during the Super Bowl, James broke it down a little bit to Entertainment Weekly:

Super Bowl commercials are almost like movies nowadays… In the ad, a lot of the little things in Rob’s portion will have doubles in my portion, but everything will be much grander. He has a chihuahua, I have a Bengal tiger.

The commercial was creative and definitely had a certain humor to it — all in the name of hybrid cars.

source / yt