This Is The Greatest Super Bowl Commercial You Will Ever See

Bud Light (not Budweiser) has used its latest Super Bowl ad to introduce its new tagline: “The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens.”

In this ad posted to YouTube this morning, a hidden camera follows a dude named Ian who meets a woman named Kelly at a bar in New York and agrees he’s up for “whatever happens next” when he accepts a Bud Light.

The next thing he knows, Ian is in a stretch limousine filled with beautiful women and comedian Reggie Watts on their way to a bachelorette party.

The video ends with an epic party, but not before Ian meets a string of celebrities in a series of awkward yet hilarious encounters.

Here’s the original video, which comes out to nearly four minutes long. It will be edited down to 90 seconds and split it into two commercials during Sunday’s game.

Source 1 & YouTube