The Forgotten Ones : An ONTD Original

Remember the stan wars between Backstreet Boys and Nstink Nsync fans ? Those were the good ol days

Most of us had the opportunity to be blessed by talented acts from boy bands and girl groups such as The Spice Girls , NKTOB , TLC and many more .

There were plenty of popular groups during our time and but some were not so lucky , let's take a look at the lesser known ( aka you probably never heard of them ) boy bands and girl groups .

2 Be 3

Country : France

Years Active : 1996 to 2001

Popular Track - Excuse My French

They gained major popularity in their country but failed to make an impact in the United States. After the group disbanded Filip took a break from music to do a bit of acting and comedy. Filip died at the age of 35 in 2009.

Before Dark

Country - The United States of America

Years Active - 1998–2000

Popular Track - Monica

The group started with guest spots on tracks for artists such as Sole and Tyrese. In 2000 they found chart success with their most popular hit " Monica " which #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Caught in the Act

Country : Netherlands

Years Active : 1993–1999

Popular Track : Love is Everywhere


The half dutch / half english band found a good amount of success outside of The Netherlands . They managed to release 4 studio albums within their 6 year life span and most of the members found success after their split.

Guys Next Door

Country - United States of America

Years Active : 1990-1991

Popular Track : I've Been Waiting For You

The group was featured on a Saturday Morning television show by the same name . You might recognize Patrick Dancy from Family Matters where he played Laura's douchey light skinned brother boyfriend.

Their hit " I've Been Waiting For You " had a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Apparently they still have a loyal fanbase and their merchandise runs on ebay for nice money.... well damn


Country : USA

Years Active : ????

Popular Track : Play Another Slow Jam

Pretty much a sister group to Immature , and their single " Get Your Groove On " was featured in the mess film that was B*A*PS. Two of the founding members Jamila and Miyoko Chilombo are the older sisters of recording artist Jhene Aiko.


Country : The United States of America

Years Active : 1996-1997

Popular Track : Blackberry Molasses

The group only released one album and only released two singles "Blackberry Molasses" and "Lady" . This was the start of Bobby Valentino's career and he found the most success .

Nobody's Angel

Country : The United States of America

Years Active : 1998–2002

Popular Track :

The group which originally consisted of four members had a guest spot on Boy Meets World and the DCOM " Model Behavior " . They were also included on the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack singing the theme song with boyband Youngstown. Actress Jennie Kwan replaced one of the two members that left the band , sadly the group split before she could release an album with them.

Youth Asylum

Country : The United States of America

Years Active : ???

Popular Track : Jasmin

This multi ethnic boyband was put together by Quincy Jones , they served some H.O.T./ ABC realness Information on this group is really poor , what we do know is that they released one album "We Are Young Americans".

Source : popculture