Tim Tebow hosts Good Morning America, has 'food fight' with Joe Montana

It's the biggest sports media week of the year, so of course Tim Tebow is taking center stage.
The former NFL quarterback co-hosted Good Morning America on Friday, taking part in everything from breaking down the Super Bowl to a "food fight" with NFL legend Joe Montana.

With his playing days over for now, Tebow has been all over recently, as he signed on with ESPN to be an analyst for college football.

Much like some of the reviews of Tebow's work on College Gameday for ESPN, people seemed impressed by the job the former New York Jet quarterback did.

Tebow did a segment with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young on what it takes to play in the Super Bowl -- which was a little weird, seeing as Tebow has yet to make it to the big game, and maybe never will.

Tebow then got into a "food fight" with yet another Super Bowl wining quarterback in Joe Montana, as the two quarterbacks squared off in an a cooking competition.

After losing to Montana in the food competition, and dodging a Super Bowl prediction with Young, it's safe to say Tebow went 0-2 against the Super Bowl champion quarterbacks.

Despite the losses, the initial reviews of Tebow on Good Morning America seemed positive:

Videos won't embed, check them out at the source. He was AMAZING tbh.