Mr Styles leaves his £8,000 vintage car to gather dust AND rust in a London car park

A year ago Harry Styles splashed out £8,000 for a classic white Ford Capri and was seen excitedly zipping around London in his new set of wheels.
Now the soon-to-be 20-year-old's prized possession looks like it's in need of some urgent TLC, not to mention an trip to the nearest car wash.
Sadly Harry appears to have forgotten about the car which has been left to gather rust and dust in an underground car park near the singer's home.

The One Direction star has also been seen driving around LA of late in a Ferrari, an E-type Jaguar and an A class Merecedes, all at different time of course.
Bak home his 1970s black vinyl top couple looks more worse for wear by the day, covered in an inch of thick dust and with three flat tyres and messages, which include 'clean me', scrawled all over it. Someone needs to write that on his hair too in my opinion.

One car owner who uses the car park said: 'The car hasn't moved for months and months and a vintage vehicle like that needs to be driven and shown off. It's a classic which will turn into a rust bucket if not careful.'
The Capri was popular in the 70s and 80s thanks to its elongated front end and rumbling 3-litre V6 under the bonnet.
A bright green version famously appeared in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses, where Rodney dubbed Del Boy's motor 'the pratmobile', A souped-up Capri 3.0L S version of the sports car was famously driven by Bodie (Lewis Collins) in the 70s TV classic The Sweeney.

Just last week the Up All Night singer was seen with a big smile on his face, possibly because he was driving a gorgeous white vintage Mercedes. Harry was seen driving it back from the Sundance Film Festival, which hints that the car could be rented.
His rumoured new girlfriend Kendall Jenner was nowhere to be seen, as he was spotted with a male friend in the car. Harry was, however, in true Styles style wearing what is fast becoming his trademark of a khaki head band, dark ripped jeans, black T-shirt and RayBan sunglasses.

Harry, who unveiled two new tattoos recently, appears to be having a great time in the US while taking a break ahead of the band's tour later this year. The singer, who only passed his driving test two years ago, is putting plenty of miles on the clock away from home as his Ford Capri at home slowly rusts away.