Jessica Alba debuts long bob haircut


Remember when we said bob haircuts had become a major trend in Hollywood? Well, we take that back. It's become a full-blown epidemic!

We're only one month into the new year and already five stars have gotten the big chop—and the sixth took place last night.

Jessica Alba sported a fresh crop at the Stand Up to Cancer event in Los Angeles, but not before debuting the shorter cut on Instagram a few hours earlier. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin posted a collage of what she called the "fashion bob," which showed every angle (front, back and side) so followers could get a 360 look at the haircut. According to Jen—and she would know since it is her masterpiece—the defining features of this particular shoulder-length cut are the "textured ends" and "long front."

If I didn't read this article, I wouldn't have noticed ...