Siva Kaneswaran retaliates to Max George's 'disappointing' post split interview

Siva Kaneswaran has spoken out for the first time since his bandmate Max George’s shock interview in which he claimed rows over girlfriends and their personal lives led to tensions.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the 25-year-old, who has yet to speak directly to Max about his comments, revealed his surprise, saying: ‘We had no idea, literally because we had all released a statement and that was what we had agreed on it. It was a shock and uncalled for.’

The group - Max, Siva, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes – released a statement earlier this month revealing they will be disbanding temporarily to 'pursue personal endeavours' after completing their upcoming Word of Mouth Tour.
But while the band insisted it was just a short break, Max’s surprise interview seemed to suggest otherwise, confusing not just the fans but also his bandmates.

Opening up about recent events Siva told us: ‘I’ve got many thoughts on it, where do I start? You know we all agreed to take a break to pursue various endeavours after the tour and that was what we had all agreed on by phone. We all had a phone call and gave our personal thoughts on where we wanted to go and we released a statement. And the statement is what we all agreed on, so it was quite a shock to have that recent article come out from Max, for me and the fans because we found out at the same time.

Refuting claims it was their personal lives which led to tensions, as Max has claimed, Siva said: 'I think it’s untrue and very unfair.
'I think from doing the TV show we all kind of knew where we stood and from that I felt like there was some sense of… I felt like it was every man for himself looking back on when the show aired.'

He continued: ‘I’ve never been that way and I’d never actually seen it before until I looked back at the show. I think that is where we lost the team element and from there it kind of just went.'
‘I think on the show a lot was playing up for the camera and with regards to our personal life, and my personal life, I think the camera dramatized a lot of things and stereotyped us, which I think was unfair and I think people’s true colours came out,’ he added.

Discussing how he is planning on moving forward with Max before the tour, he said: ‘I’m going to have to talk to him and find a way forward and be adults about it.
‘All of us boys are like brothers, it's all I’ve ever known and we’re going on tour together and I think we’re just going to be professional with each other and give the fans a good show because it’s all about the fans at the end of the day. I wouldn’t say he betrayed us but he didn’t communicate enough with us. There was a major lack of communication. It was disappointing, that’s all it was.’

Siva admitted that the band have yet to discuss when they will be getting back together following the split, however he is very excited about what is to come for himself in terms of both making Indie music and working in fashion. Having written most of the the last album he plans to continue writing and exclusively revealed to MailOnline that he recently recorded a duet with Rita Ora.
‘I just want to go crazy and be me. I know the fans want to hear more of me and whoever goes on their own route, I just want to go bonkers, we’ve been around each other for four years and I’ve had a lot of attention from fashion brands that I’ve had to turn away. I’m just going to take it on board and follow my own dreams and enjoy myself.’

Showing his maturity, despite the recent revelations, Siva admitted: ‘As long as Max is happy, then I’m happy. I don’t have any ill feelings, I’ve always been supportive.’

He concluded with a message for the fans, which are clearly his main priority regardless of any drama in the band, saying: ‘I just want to say love to all the fans, to everyone who’s supported us boys and I’m looking forward to the journey we have after the tour and I hope you can follow me along on my journey.

this fallout is more entertaining than their music career ever was tbh