Keanu Reeves: Love Comes First

(Translated from German by anivad using Google Translate)

After Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt comes the next heartthrob approaching his 50th birthday: Keanu Reeves. The Hollywood star looks upon his big day with equanimity. His midlife crisis happened at 40, he tells SpotOn. On 30 January, the actor returns to the screen with his new film "47 Ronin".

"Point Break", "Speed", "The Matrix" - Hollywood star Keanu Reeves can look back on an impressive film career. It's all the better that he now finally returns to the cinema after several years of absence from the screen. The 49-year-old plays the lead role in the fantasy-adventure "47 Ronin", which scores with both Far Eastern martial aesthetics and a captivating story. The news agency SpotOn hit up the popular actor for an interview, talking with him about his new film, his 50th birthday and his sex symbol image.

Revenge, love, respect and honor - these are the dominant themes in your new film "47 Ronin". Which for you is the most important?

Keanu Reeves: I don't think I would rank them that way. But as a romantic, of course love comes first. It outshines everything. Without love there is no honor or revenge.

After the films "The Matrix", "Man of Tai Chi" and "47 Ronin", you must be an expert in martial arts.

Reeves: I'm an expert in movie kung fu. (laughs). Since I know myself really well, it's a lot of fun. But in real life? No. That requires life-long training.

In the movie you play the underdog Kai, who yearns for acceptance. Is this a familiar feeling for you?

Reeves: Yes. When I was preparing for this role I reviewed my own life. As a child I went to five different high schools in four years, and was automatically an outsider. I'm also half Chinese-Hawaiian, but grew up mostly in Canada. So in Hawaii I was also kind of an outsider. I tried to integrate all of these experiences into my role.

In September you have a milestone birthday...

Reeves: Yes, I'll be half a century old. But I'm relaxed about it. My 40th was bad. A that time I felt like I was going to grow up for a second time. I found that birthday marked a big change in my life. When you're young you might think about death from time to time, but when 40 years catches up with you, you start feeling it too. It kept going through my head: I'm really going to die. At 50, I can only think: Crap, I hope I don't die. And at 60 I'll finally think: Damn, I'm going to die, all the more reason to do something crazy!

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish before you reach 50?

Reeves: Yes, but I've only started thinking about that the past few years. It started when I was about 45. At some point you realize that life is finite. It's not that you didn't know it before, but at that age you start to feel it too. You feel an inner drive to take your life in hand and realize your dreams.

Do you already have plans for how you'll celebrate your special day?

Reeves: We're only in January. I won't be 50 until September. Until then, there's still time to plan.

You don't really look like a typical 50-year-old...

Reeves: Yes, that's right. But you should see my knees, and then you'd think otherwise. They look really old!

You're considered a heartthrob and sex symbol. Can you understand that?

Reeves: Not really. I don't have a problem with it, but to me it seems ridiculous.

Have you a new woman by your side?

Reeves: No, I'm single. (laughs)

So what does a normal day in the life of Keanu Reeves look like?

Reeves: Unfortunately, I don't have any hobbies. So when I'm not working I try to find work or even bring a project to life. My friends always say I need something to balance my job.

You're passionate about motorcycles; that's also a kind of hobby.

Reeves: Well, I'm fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The streets around Los Angeles are fantastic. You can speed along the mountains or by the sea; you don't need to look far to find a great route. I recently even established my own motorcycle company: Arch Motorcycle. We hope to be able to put our own motorcycle on the market this year.

Your name has approximately 15,000,000 Google search results - have you ever Googled yourself?

Reeves: No, I've never Googled myself. I've never read my Wikipedia page either. I once had a look in on IMDb, but that's about it.


note: I don't speak German, so if any of you do and have better translations for part of this interview, let me know in the comments!