Mod Post

Banned Sources - We have stopped accepting posts with certain sources, at their request. Please review the list of banned sources in our user info and stop resubmitting posts we reject for this reason.

Opinion/Think Pieces - Opinions are for the comments. If an event in pop culture happens, we post about what happens. We don’t need multiple posts about what one person on another website thinks about it. If the article is written from someone’s point of view and/or contains “I,” “me,” “my,” etc. - don’t submit it.

OP Notes - In the same vein, we don’t need an italicized paragraph about your feels. This isn’t your personal LJ or Tumblr or Twitter, save the blog posts for the comments, where they belong.

Post Formatting - Please use the HTML editor. When you use the Rich Text Editor, the formatting is carried over.  When submitting posts, use the HTML editor so the font, size, color, etc. is consistent with the rest of the site.

Tags - Stop asking for tags. Tag suggestion posts may be few and far between, but they happen. The more you pester mods for a tag, the less likely it will be created. (See: Michelle Pfieffer)