Michael B. Jordan on Doing Comedy: 'I Was Tired of Dying'

Focus Features’ latest movie, “That Awkward Moment,” looks to shed some light on the male perspective of relationships. At the Jan. 27 premiere at L.A. Live, writer and director Tom Gormican wanted to set the record straight.

“I think [the male perspective] is underrepresented,” Gormican said. “What I hope the movie gets across is that guys and girls deal with relationship scenarios in very much the same way.”

“I was tired of dying,” Jordan joked about his transition into the lighthearted comedy. “I was doing a lot of dramas, and I wanted to switch things up a little bit, and this was the opportunity to do it.”

“I’m lucky enough to where I do have an appetite for both and people want to cast me in both,” Teller said. “I just love both. It’s like my own appetite. If I do one thing too much I have to switch it up.”

“I had a mission in Cannes to get Zac to read this script because I really thought ‘I’m in my twenties, Zac’s in his twenties.’ This film has a lot to do with kind of us growing up.’”