Teen Wolf 3x16 "Illuminated" Recap Post

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 16, “Illuminated,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 16, titled “Illuminated,” starts on Halloween night. We see a group of the masked men walking down the street. Meanwhile, Allison and her father finally get into Allison’s room where Isaac was attacked. Isaac is ice cold, and Chris gets him to turn so he can heal. Isaac says he saw five figures with glowing eyes that looked like fireflies.

And then Chris drops the bomb: He thinks the men in masks were after him. He opens a box and we see that he has a mask just like the ones the creepy soldiers were wearing.

In the next scene, Agent McCall interviews Stiles, Scott, Kira, and Lydia. It’s during this that we learn McCall and the others think someone left the numbers on the chalkboard as a code for Barrow, telling him to kill Kira. The kids aren’t quite cooperative in answering the questions, and there’s a subtle vibe to the room that Kira shouldn’t be either. She obliges her new friends.

Even though there’s no power on at the school, the kids still have to go to class. That’s when we learn that Danny is supposed to be having a black light party, but his venue doesn’t have enough power to make it work. Ethan wants to help him, but Aiden doesn’t understand why.

In biology class, where Lydia’s mom is now substituting, Lydia tells Aiden that she saved Kira’s life and it felt really good. But when she looks at him, she can only think of Boyd. She calls him a bad person. Aiden turns around in his seat and tells Danny that he knows where he can have a party.

Meanwhile, Scott tries to hang out with Kira. He agrees not to talk about what happened the night before, but Kira tells him to take a picture of her with the flash on. When he does, we see that she has strange golden light around her. She tells him that it only started about a few months ago.

Since Barrow took pictures of her on her phone, they have to make sure they get it back from Agent McCall’s office.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 Stiles Scott

Derek gets ambushed by a few kids who are trick-or-treating, and he gives in and hands out candy. But he can’t quite help himself, and he bares his wolf’s teeth and his blue eyes at the kids, who run away screaming.

But it’s not all cute and adorable, as the men in masks show up and attack him.

Stiles hands keys to Kira and Scott as they attempt to break into the police station. They find the phone, but must charge it up before they can delete the pictures. When trying to find a cable to plug into the computer, Scott sees a picture of him as a kid on his father’s laptop.

Agent McCall shows up, of course. It’s up to Stiles to stall him, and he does it by telling him he knows why McCall hates Sheriff Stlinski so much. It’s because the sheriff knows something about him, and Stiles tells him that he knows it too.

Back at Derek’s loft, the black light party is going strong, thanks to the twins. Caitlin shows up and kisses Stiles, and he runs off to dance with her. Meanwhile, Scott uses his Alpha powers to spot Kira in the crowd, and in doing so, he can see the glow around her. Was it just us or did it look like a fox!?

Lydia is hanging out in the periphery, ignoring Aiden and look around at her friends. But she sees a little more than she bargained for when she notices the masked men coming out of the shadows. When she runs out to the balcony, one of the figures comes straight out of the ground. She tries to scream, but it put up its hand and stops her.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 Lydia Blacklight Party

As Stiles and Caitlin get even closer, she notices his key has phosphorus on it. That triggers an epiphany for Stiles, and he runs off apologetically.

As Allison and Isaac continue dancing, she feels something on his neck. When they go to a mirror to check it out, they see it’s a number five just behind his ear. Allison and Isaac find Ethan, while Aiden and Danny find Lydia. Derek also wakes up from his attack. Everyone has the same number on their neck.

Derek kicks everyone out of his loft, but the wolves and masked men square off. It seems like they’re after Aiden now. The masked men can’t be killed, however, and they end up branding Aiden as well.

As the sun rises, the masked men disappear. But not before Kira sees exactly what Scott is.

That morning, Chris comes home, bloody and beaten. He passes out on the floor as his daughter tries calling him.

Stiles, on the other hand, makes it to the school and opens the door to the room with the chemicals with the key that mysteriously showed up on his key ring. Stiles realizes he was the one that left the message for Barrow.


Episode felt slower this week and set up more stuff but still liked it.
-Rave looked cool pretty.
-Meh on Allissac YESSS to Scira.
-Demons were creepy fun.