Chad Johnson Doesn’t Want Men Sending Him Pictures Of Their Butts Anymore

Men apparently keep sending pictures of their butts to former NFL receiver Chad Johnson on Instagram and he’s not happy about it.

Former baller and reality star Chad Johnson have been receiving "unsolicited" gay nudes via Instagram direct message and went as far as posting the pics on twitter for millions of followers to see..  A "model" in particular was put on blast but I will let you guys figure out, who he is..
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Then the player formerly known as Ochocinco really made it clear how he felt, calling the pictures of the men “filth” while saluting the women who had sent photos. He didn’t re-share any images of women on Instagram or Twitter, though.

Then, called out by one of his followers for exposing the men’s pictures, Ochocinco gave a confusing reason for doing so.

The two men Johnson tweeted about later took down their pictures, with one deleting his Instagram account.