The Very Weird Handwriting Of Very Famous Authors

George Orwell

ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS. We bet texting with George Orwell would be very overwhelming.

Jorge Luis Borges

Man or machine?

F. Scott Fitzgerald

A handwritten page of the classic The Great Gatsby written in Great Girly writing

J.K. Rowling

Her plan for Harry Potter looks kind of like it belongs in an eighth-grade notebook and it’s awesome.

Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

How is this…possible? Someone make a Steinbeck font, pronto.

Vladimir Nabokov

Not sure this shows how he wrote, but it certainly shows how he crossed things out.

Jane Austen

Tis a truth universally acknowledged that only Jane Austen can read her handwriting.

Franz Kafka


Lewis Carroll

Lewis’ doodles make your doodles look like child’s play.

Walt Whitman

Last but not least, Walt Whitman. CLASSIC. Oh, Walt. Such penmanship. Aren’t those the most beautiful “W”s you’ve ever seen?


How about a handwriting post, ONTD? Take a picture of your own penmanship, say if you're right/left-handed etc.