Zayn Malik tweets selfie to fans; social media trends One Direction photo

One Direction’s Zayn Malik might be on vacation, but the fans know exactly what he is doing. Thanks to the power of social media. Zayn decided to share a selfie and within minutes it was trending online. In fact on Sunday afternoon, only two hours after it was posted on Twitter the picture had over 88,000 retweets. The photo was a black and white image, but it didn’t need to be a color portrait to be trending topics and viral shares .
“Good times with the fam!” tweeted Zayn Malik from his official Twitter account. The star obviously needed the break from touring and found himself having a great time relaxing with his family. The attached picture showcased his time with the guys and gave people no clue where he was which has to be a good thing as the fans would probably have found their way to his location.
One Direction band members have found themselves relaxing over the past few weeks. After negotiating some time off, the stars have gone home to tend to personal issues and relax. This option is amazing for the guys as they have made so much money touring and the record label wants the band to keep giving the fans what they want.
Apparently Zayn Malik has given the fans what they want with the selfie online. Proving he is doing well and having fun, every One Direction fans is happy he shared his moment.

dem cheekbones tho