Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander Together at Tampa's Gasparilla Festival


You may recall a few weeks back Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander was scheduled to undergo a relatively minor surgery.

Prior to the operation, he and former flame Kate Upton were spotted enjoying the company of each other at a Philadelphia Flyers game. But Upton’s representatives were quick to dismiss any potential shenanigans, suggesting that the two were just friends and Verlander had requested to see her before the surgery.

Why he was requesting to see his former girlfriend before a surgery? Your guess is as good as mine. Could it be – they were dating? Of course not.

Then again, I’m not sure why Verlander was in Tampa at Gasparilla recently, dressed like a pirate holding the hand of Upton. Probably because they’re dating.

Somebody needs to get onto their Facebook accounts and update the their status ASAP.

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