Azealia Banks album/mixtape update + Begging on Twitter about wanting to leave Universal

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Rapper Azealia Banks captured us with her catchy rhymes and sassy attitude. She has kept us hooked with her "212" hit and the mixtape songs that followed. Her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, has been pushed back over and over again. Azealia has now revealed her album will be released in March 2014.

Azealia... stop teasing us! Broke With Expensive Taste was originally going to debut in 2012 when it was then pushed back to January 2014. Azealia has now signaled that the album will not be here until March of this year. It is known that Banks has had some misunderstandings with her record label, so maybe this is the reason for the several delays.

When asked on Twitter if the March delay was actually true, Azealia answered, "The label changed their mind," with a smiley face. She also mentioned that the single out of the awaited album was originally titled "Soda" but will now be named "Chasing Time." Fans are a bit worried about the album postponements and changes, tweeting Banks and asking her if at the end it will be worth it, she tweeted back, "It is! I promise I've been WORKING the ENTIRE time. I have like 30 new songs!!!!!"

Azealia is planning to tour the United Kingdom and Europe starting late March, performing songs from "Fantasea II: The Second Wave" mixtape. The outspoken star, who has had beef with several other artists in the industry, says that she is at peace with at least her record label for now. She tweeted, "Obeying my label is the best decision I've ever made. My relationship with them is so good right now!"

We hope that everyone remains in agreement, as we would hate for March to come around and for her album to have yet another delay. But Azealia's sound remains free, cool and hip so we are excited to hear what Broke With Expensive Taste has in store for us.

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