LOOKING investigates Latin hair: Easier to cut? Pleasing to the touch?

In the second episode of HBO’s zeitgeist-y hit Looking [lol - "zeitgeist-y"? apparently I'm not the only deluded stan online], Jonathan Groff goes on a date with Raul Castillo, the hot hairdresser/San Francisco Giants fan he met on the bus. The two toy with each other over drinks in a bar, but will they eventually go home together? [yes.] See how it plays out Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. EST on HBO, 7:30 on the west coast.

Okay how obvious does this clip make it that racial divisions among gay men -- in particular racial cluelessness among white gay men -- are among the topics directly addressed by the show?




And a couple of interview questions for him:

How much do you connect with Dom?

I think because I’m pretty much the same age as my character, I have gone through very similar things in terms of the questions that you ask about yourself and your life when you’re that age. Do I have all the right markers for hitting this age? Can I see all the things that make me feel like I’ve lived a worthwhile life?

I’ve loved my life. And I feel like there’s been some great things in my life. So for me, perhaps it was a little easier, although it was still a challenging time turning 40 and being confronted with all that stuff. But Dom’s kind of imploding.

Where is the Scott Bakula relationship going as the season progresses? [Bakula plays an older man who may help Dom transition into this new life phase]

It develops further, I can say, towards the end of the show and there’s some sort of ambiguous resolution at the end, but it’s definitely not definitive. That story continues, but it’s a bit of a roller coaster.