Bitten 103 + Lost Girl 403 Promos, also SyFy Mon Schedule Switch


New episodes of Bitten will now air at 8 PM ET/PT beginning Monday, January 27. (OP: Wow, the SyFy brain trust finally realized that airing two werewolf shows head-to-head - it was up against Teen Wolf on MTV - was probably not the greatest idea. They must've have forgotten that Bitten was not 100% their show when they did the original schedule, trololol.)

New episodes of Lost Girl will now air at 10 PM ET/PT beginning Monday, January 27.

Being Human
Being Human remains in its regular timeslot Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT.

Bitten - Episode 1.03 - "Trespass": The Pack continue to track down the wolf responsible for the latest murder. Catch an all-new Bitten at its new time, Mondays at 8|7c on Syfy.

SyFy has an extended clip for Bitten 1.03 that they haven't put onto Youtube (won't embed here). Spoiler TV has promo photos for Bitten 1.03, if you want to check those out.  Also, they have the trailer and extended clip, if those are blocked for you.

Lost Girl Season 4: Preview 403 ("Lovers. Apart"): Dyson rushes to be with Bo, who risks her life to save a haunted family. Meanwhile, Lauren's past catches up with her. Don't miss Lost Girl Monday on Syfy at its new time at 10|9c with special guest this week Mia Kirshner.

SyFy has a extended clip for 4.03 that they haven't put on Youtube HERE (won't embed here). There are some promo stills for Lost Girl 4.03 in this ONTD post. Also, if you want a more in-depth look at Lost Girl 4.02, there's this ONTD post. After Lost Girl 4.03 airs on Monday, you could look at this Q&A afterwards that was also posted here for 4.03, but it's spoiler-iffic, jsyk.  (If you want to comment on any of those posts, feel free - I track all the comments on posts I make here since they usually don't get tons of comments, so new/old doesn't really make a difference to me.)

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Bitten airs tonight in Canada on Space at 9e|6p, so I thought I'd split the difference, or something, with this post. I might drop the "canadian celebrities" tag in the future if I remember to post these promos if someone else doesn't do it (it's what I use with the addition of the "television" tag since there's no "television - canadian" tag), unless some folks in Canada/general fans of Canadian celebrities want me to continue to tag it that way, especially since Bitten's cast is pretty much all Canadian and it's the first showing of these eps?? Space is not really doing much promo at this point.  Speak, or forever hold your peace. (j/k)