Louis Tomlinson teams up with hospice Bluebell Wood for charity

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Louis Tomlinson really has become a knight in shining armour for all staff, children and volunteers at North Anston's Bluebell Wood Hospice, after the One Direction hunk teamed up with his local charity to design a limited edition bag featuring the singer's autograph and Bluebell Wood logo.

The 22-year-old dish from Doncaster has been serving as Patron for the children's hospital, pledging his support for all they do.

Directioners across the globe, and anyone else who wants to raise money for the worthy cause will be able to get their hands on the aptly titled 'Louis Bag' as it's sold online. They will also be made available in all of the eight Bluebell Wood charity shops throughout the region.

Gushing over the charity so close to his heart, Louis revealed: “I’m so pleased to be able to support Bluebell Wood, my local charity, by putting my name on the bag. I really hope it raises lots of money for this fantastic charity.”

Retail manager at the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, James Bower explained how important Louis' contribution had been, saying: “This bag is an ideal opportunity for us to reach some of our younger supporters. We always try and think of unique ideas and gifts for our stores, so it’s great to have the help of Louis with this bag.”

While Claire Rintoul, the hospice’s chief executive insisted: “We are thrilled to have Louis as one of our patrons, he has really helped raise our profile, not just locally but internationally. The bags are a great opportunity for us to raise much needed funds as our current running costs are over £3 million per year and we receive less than 5% statutory funding.”

But Directioners, you need to be quick, as this rare piece of One Direction memorabilia which is set to change the lives of hundreds of children are sure to fly off the shelves in no time!

The 'Louis Bag' is available online, priced at just £4.99 at www.bluebellwood.org/louisbag or at any of the eight Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice charity shops, which you can find on the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice website, http://www.bluebellwood.org/about-us/our-shops/

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