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Ciara can hardly wait to meet her baby, and can’t stop gushing about the amazing new experiences she has ahead of her. The singer is preparing to welcome a new member to her and fiancé Future‘s brood and preparing to perform at the Jan. 26 Grammy Awards after-party. Even though she’s busier than ever, both of these major events in her life are something she’s “always looked forward to.”
Ciara, 28, and Future, 30, are entering the greatest years of their life together; they are getting married and expecting their first baby together — and Ciara is giddy with excitement.

“I’m so excited. Honestly, these are the happiest years of my life… I feel like now I’m really becoming a woman with everything that’s happening,” Ciara told CBS News. “Getting prepared for something like this is so much fun. I feel like a little kid waiting on Christmas for the day I get to meet my baby. It’s so beautiful and it’s something I’ve always looked forward to.”

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Singer Ciara high school ex-boyfriend, LaKyle Thomas denies being jealous of Ciara's baby and engagement with rapper Future, but doesn't deny that it's his baby she is pregnant with.
In an interview obtained by Bossip.com, The aspiring model says that he would pursue the singer if she were still single and what he missed the most about her during their "puppy love" was one feature, "Her smile. She loved to laugh and smile."

Singer Ciara is getting congratulatory social media messages from her high school sweetheart who claims to still be in love with the singer. LaKyle Thomas posted a photo of the pair when they were still on high school on Instagram captioning it:
"So Ciara was the woman Future was looking for. Lol. What we had in high school belongs to Future now, Congrats on the new baby. #Congrats #newbaby #behappy #gottamoven #whynotme #allgood"