Vampire Weekend performs on Jimmy Kimmel

“Unbelievers” is an ode to Vampire Weekend’s signature poppy, intellectually rambling songs that put them on the map with their 2007 self-titled release. Deciding to perform “Hannah Hunt” is an interesting choice, as it’s maybe one of the more overlooked songs on the album with calm piano with a sad Ezra Koenig, singing about how “there’s no future / there’s no answer.” Perhaps this will be Vampire Weekend’s “Hey Jude?” Probably not. But it’s still worth listening to.

Though the gang may dress like they’re in elementary school, the toned down tunes are a good indicator of the more mature sounds that these modern vampires have been playing since their latest record. “Modern Vampires of the City” was a top pick for a great deal of music lists summing up 2013′s releases.

In other recent, vampire-related news, the band will be performing at the Governors Ball in June.