Al Roker Is Pissed At the New NYC Mayor

Today show weatherman Al Roker tore into Bill de Blasio's overnight response to the snowstorm which caused traffic chaos across the Big Apple - after the New York Mayor claimed the city was caught by surprise.

Venting his frustration with the new administration, Roker, who is widely respected as the nation's most trusted weather presenter, used this morning's show to pour scorn on de Blasio's claim that the storm arrived three hours earlier than expected.

'They claimed it caught them off guard, that it came in early,' a clearly irate Roker exclaimed.

'No, no, no, it didn't! They should have been watching us!'

Roker's fury was followed by scores of people dangerously tumbling to the ground on snow and ice covered streets more than 24-hours after the snowstorm hit New York City.

Roker said that he feared that de Blasio, who has only been in office less than a month, had made a huge mistake by not being on top of his response to the storm.

He then made an ominous reference to former New York Mayor John Lindsay, who never shook off his reaction to the February 1969 nor'easter which left 14 people dead and 68 injured.

'Two Words Mr. Mayor....John Lindsay!'

Lindsay was seen to only care about how the snow plows dealt with Manhattan and when he visited Queens a week after the storm - was told, 'Get away, you bum', by a resident disgusted he had the gall to visit when there was still snow on the ground.

The team at NBC's Morning Joe were equally as incredulous as Al Roker.

'I have lived in this city for 35-years,' said host Joe Scarborough. 'And I have never seen such chaos.'

Defending his response to the storm on Wednesday morning from a fire house near to his Park Slope home, de Blasio said that any resident of Manhattan who claimed they were ignored at the expense of other boroughs is 'just mistaken.'

'We believe in a five borough approach,' said de Blasio.

'I think people need to be mindful when they hurl these charges. It's not real respectful of those men and women who work so hard for us at sanitation.