On Thin Ice! Speedskating Scandal at Euro Championships Sets Up Sochi Showdown

The Olympic spirit is clearly lost on Dutch speed skater Sjinkie Knegt, who flipped his lid - and both middle fingers - during a warm-up race for the Sochi Games over the weekend.

Competing in the men's 5000m relay final at the European Short Track speed skating Championships, Knegt reacted to his second-place finish to team Russia skater Viktor Ahn by giving him the double finger salute and pretending to kick him from behind.

Knegt also came in second behind Ahn in the 500m event, but stopped short of making any additional obscene gestures.

Unfortunately for Knegt, a single post-race meltdown was one too many and he was eventually disqualified, according to UK newspaper The Independent.

Is this the beginning of a bona fide speed skating feud? We’ll find out when Knegt and Ahn meet again in a few weeks at the Sochi Olympics.