Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale Review: Holy S#!%

A good television show is seamless. It pulls you in, it entertains you, and aside from those annoying commercial breaks, the story flows from one scene to the next until you look up and realize an hour has passed without even noticing. Even a ridiculously silly story can achieve this, and while I don't think I'd call Sleepy Hollow silly at this point, I'd definitely say that its first season was one of the most seamless seasons of genre television I've seen in quite a long time. The 13-episode season definitely worked in the show's favor here, because there weren't many filler episodes in the true definition of the word, and because from beginning to end, it told an exciting story that never once let up. It managed to scare us, make us laugh, and deceive us. There's not much more I could have asked for from the first season of Sleepy Hollow.

To be honest, I never saw the ending of "Bad Blood," the second hour of the finale, coming. I should have, of course, given how many hours I've spent in front of a television and how many of those hours included supernatural or science fiction mind-f****s. But the idea that Henry Parish was actually Jeremy who was actually War (the second horseman) never once crossed my mind. I always knew we'd see the likes of Jeremy again, and I had suspected he'd be playing for the opposing team when we reentered the picture, but having him be silently masquerading as a friendly character we already knew (and loved), and as a horseman no less, was never once something I'd considered. It is very interesting, however, that two of the horseman have been created by Moloch, and both were once human. Does this mean the final two were once human as well? And will they also be people who've been hurt by Ichabod in the past? If so, I think that's very, very interesting, and could be a great exploration of good and evil.

In addition to being completely surprised by the identity of War, I also never considered that Moloch actually had a purpose out there in the woods that day Abbie and Jenny came across him. I thought maybe he was just enjoying some gardening, or he was out for a jog. I jest, but I truthfully had just assumed it was a place where the two worlds met and he'd come through for some other evil business. I also never thought Abbie and Jenny were there because Abbie was drawn to it as a witness. But, of course, Moloch was raising Jeremy from his grave. The fact that none of this once crossed my mind is high praise, because I often see these things coming on account of how often similar storylines and tropes play out across genre TV, and because The Sixth Sense kind of ruined everything for me, but Sleepy Hollow managed to pull the rug out from under me and I think it deserves some recognition for that. So congrats, Sleepy Hollow, you done good.

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