Vanessa Hudgens: Eating out of the trash for my role was traumatic

Vanessa Hudgens had a panic attack while shooting her new film.
The 25-year-old actress plays pregnant teenager Agnes 'Apple' Bailey in upcoming movie Gimme Shelter. Based on a true story, the feature follows Agnes as she is forced onto the streets during a search for her father.

For this gritty role Vanessa was put in some extreme situations, such as drinking a raw egg and eating from a trash can. One scene in particular pushed the film star over the edge.

"The stealing the car was really traumatic for me for some reason because the guy who tells me to get in the car, his name was Jeff, he was kind of my bodyguard, he was looking out for me the whole time.

"And they wanted me to drive the car really close to him and he bangs on it and he yells at me, and it was so much to take all at the same time that I just had a panic attack and I kind of lost it for a second 'cause it was really overwhelming," she recalled to

"And then eating out of the garbage was horrible as well because there was a paparazzi there that day so pictures are out of 'Vanessa eating out of the trash,' and I'm like, 'No, it's Apple.'"

Before she began working on the film Vanessa briefly moved into a shelter for young moms - a similar environment in which her character ends up at in the movie.

During her visit the raven-haired beauty witnessed a number of humorous and eye-opening events which helped contribute to her part.

"It was just a funny, odd experience. The kids are there all the time because the mothers are there and they have their children, and I remember one time one of the house moms brought her son out for a bath, and they had this little kiddie pool," she smiled.

"It was summer, so it wasn't cold or anything, but I remember her putting him in the water and his teeth just start to go crazy and they're chattering and he's freezing cold, but he was laughing at himself because he was just shaking and he was so cold. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. And she proceeds to take off his diaper and poop flies everywhere. It was great."