Lost Girl 410 Q&A w/Exec Prod Emily Andras (SPOILERS)

This week's post-mortem brings an update on an MIA Tamsin, talk of Wander(er)ing hands and a preview of the Kenzi-focused episode to come.

Emily Gagne, January 19, 2014 11:00:09 PM

Hope you made like Lauren and packed your super flattering bathing suits, Faenatics! Because this week’s Lost Girl Talk is taking you under the sea! That is, it’s going to take a deeper look into this week’s mermaid-themed episode, “Waves.”

Dive into the full post-ep Q&A below for talk of Tamsin (when will she be back and who will she be with?), mermaid hairstyling (to crimp or not to crimp?) and the hand(s) that could rule (or is it kill?) them all.

TV Guide Canada: Aside from the ending, this episode was fairly lighter than the last few. Is this the calm before the storm? Will we get any more case of the week episodes before the finale?
Emily Andras: I don’t want to say this is the last case of the week, but this is definitely the calm before the storm. A whole lot of storm.

TVG: How excited were you to finally do a mermaid story, as you said last week that this has been one plot that’s been a long time coming?
EA: I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I was nervous, I was delighted and it made me believe in wonder again. [Laughs]

But I really was so excited. The thing about mermaids is that we’re always looking to do mythological creature in a way that isn’t obvious. So we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if mermaids were like the crazy bitches of the sea?’ (OP: Hmm, I sorta thought they already were? Yanno with the sailor eating and teeth and all?) And the whole episode just came together and was so funny with the fact that Dyson was like, ‘Out of everyone in the Fae kingdom, this is the one people you don’t eff with.’ It just really took it to the next level for me.

There wasn’t a lot of oceanography with, you know, James Cameron’s underwater camera. But maybe next year?

TVG: Did you have any particular mermaids of the past in mind when creating yours? Because Kate Todd really did look the “Darryl Hannah in Splash” part in her full mermaid garb.
EA: She did! And so did Karen Cliche, who played the other mermaid sister.

We didn’t really set out to have the stereotypical blonde mermaids — we generally go for the best actress — but because we knew we needed siblings, we did want them to match up a bit. And I did think it was a nice wink and a nod to Splash that Kate Todd did have that traditional blonde hair. I was actually a little sad that we couldn’t crimp her hair like Darryl Hannah, but the crimping doesn’t hold up in the pool apparently.

TVG: Now that you’ve done mermaids finally, is the door open for other mythological creatures you’ve been famously wanting to do, like, say, unicorns?
EA: Unicorns would have to be a Very, Very Special Episode starring Ryan Gosling as the most beautiful unicorn. And Rachel McAdams! Oh my god, can we reunite Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the two last unicorns?

I think unicorns is maybe, like, the movie? I’m pretty possessive of unicorns, and I feel like maybe unicorns are our Moby Dick. Like, that’s when we know we’ve made it, that’s our last hurrah. (OP: Hmm, you better get your unicorn story ready Andras. Omw, I'm in a pretty bad mood this week, aren't I? XD)

TVG: Director X was behind this episode. What was it like working with him, seeing as he’s only done music videos previously? (OP: This the guy that was in almost half of the promo pictures.)
EA: He was such a doll. He is an incredibly well-respected video director and he knows everybody in the business, which made it very fun to hear all his stories. He was like, ‘I was at the BET Awards and I went to a crazy party at Snoop Dogg’s house!’ I got to correct him once and say, ‘I think you mean Snoop Lion,’ which did not earn me any respect. [Laughs]

But he was very willing to learn, and we knew he had such a great eye and such great visual taste. He’s not pedestrian in any way — he comes from a world where you’re interpreting something as important as music only through visuals. So, he had a really fresh take. And it was a great time in the season, around Episode 10, to have someone come in with a new perspective and a new eye.

The cast was really excited to meet him because, well, he knows everybody. And he’s a good Canadian boy. He knows Drake and Justin Bieber, but he also grew up, I believe, in Brampton. So, he’s a local boy at heart.

TVG: Technical question time! If Rainer’s been on this train for so long, how come he knows modern songs like “The Final Countdown”?
EA: Well, I’m a little annoyed because this [follow-up] line got cut out of the edit. He had this sort of sardonic line like, ‘My crows bring me poor women and the occasional LP,’ which I thought was hilarious because I did feel it didn’t make as much sense in the final edit.   (OP:  Oh ho ho, yes, THAT was the biggest issue and thing that didn't make "sense," right there!  How Rainer learned "The Final Countdown".  :-P)

(OP: I feel pretty uninspired this week, sorry y'all, so have some Europe.)

TVG: I guess “The Final Countdown” just makes it through different worlds and dimensions seamlessly.
EA: It transcends all planes! If we send one song to space to tell aliens that there’s intelligent life here, it’s going to be “The Final Countdown.” Or Spice Girls.

TVG: Moving on to Bo. You didn’t show the physical reactions that everyone had after Bo and Rainer arrived together last week. Was that something you shot and cut out, or did you always want that moment to happen in Bo’s head?
EA: I think we always wanted it in Bo’s head because we wanted the misdirect of when you see Bo she’s covered in blood and then we hear the reactions from her friends and family, and for a moment, we want to think, ‘Oh my gosh, is she under this guy’s influence? Have they done something awful to someone we know and love?’

When you end with an ending like 409 and she shows up with this hunky guy and says, ‘He’s my destiny,’ I think everybody expects something when they come back from the next episode. I know it drives fans crazy, but I love upending those expectations. You wanna stick around to see what’s happening here. (OP:  Pffffft.  Fool me once, shame on you....)

TVG: The hand that we saw grabbing at the origin seed at the end of the episode appeared battered. Would you say this hand had been in battle recently?
EA: In battle … or maybe making an omelet.

I’m not going to say anything about that hand! But whomever that hand is attached to is bad news.

(OP:  Oh, I'll just stick some shirtless Kyle here.  Apparently butterflies are just randomly magical and cause people to fall in looooove.)

TVG: Can you confirm or deny whether Rainer was home with Bo in the last scene?
EA: I can neither confirm or deny any of that!

TVG: Should we be worried that Tamsin wasn’t in this episode after her last moment in “Destiny’s Child”?
EA: No, we should not be worried. But we should brace ourselves for a Tamsinpalooza over the final three episodes. She’s resting up for some awesomeness!

TVG: Cause Linda Hamilton is back next week?
EA: Yes, she is! Linda’s back! I love her. She can be on screen 24/7 in anything I do ever.

But yes, Acacia’s back. Speaking of hands…. (OP:  If you've forgotten -uh, yeah, probably, this was quite a while ago unless you happened to just watch S3 recently- a stray disembodied hand showed up near the end of S3.  It appeared to be Acacia's hand, but I don't remember which one it was...left or right.)

TVG: The title of next week’s episode is “End of the Line”. Does that hint to a possible full stop moment in terms of Bo’s understanding of Rainer, the train and/or Trick’s involvement in it all?
EA: I would say some things and some people definitely come to a full stop….

We go into the backstory a bit. We find out more about one of our beloved characters, Kenzi, in a very rewarding manner. And if you thought this week’s ending was crazy, you’ll want to stick around for next week’s ending!

TVG: Before you go, can I get a Hale update?
EA: And we are definitely getting more Hale next week because it’s a very Kenzi-heavy episode. A reunion of the love birds, what’s going on with them in the relationship — that’s definitely going to play next week.


TVG: I gotta say I really wanted to see his reaction to Kenzi’s little working girl outfit this week.
EA: Yes, the red suit! I’m sure she modeled for him in private. [Laughs]

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Thoughts? Questions about “Waves”? Leave ‘em below! And be sure to check back next week for our post-mortem on “End of the Line”!

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[FINAL COUNTDOWN...WhoaaaaOhhhh]
At this point, if the remaining episodes were just multiple hair-band songs cobbled together...I would pick Once Bitten Twice Shy or maybe some Joan Jett (overly optimistic, tho, that song, haha). Anyone get the butterfly/kid!Bo thing at ALL, b/c if that was from S1 or an earlier season... *makes Psycho stabbing motions*  Why was that not a question? That needed to be a question. It feels like there was a LOT of crap missing with the Bo/Rainer train junk.  Potentially leaving THAT on the cutting floor.... smh  Also, I do not have Beauty and the Beast memorized, so if the butterfly was supposed to be a rose stand-in....

At least the next few episodes sound potentially interesting (FINALLY THE KENZI BACKSTORY THAT'S BEEN TEASED FOREVER, OMG A HALE SIGHTING!, TAM-TAM POTENTIALLY BEING HER TAM-TAMMIEST, LINDA HAMILTON COMING BACK! I thought I had misread that she was coming back this season so I'm glad my reading comprehension is less in doubt, THEY HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN THAT DAMN SEED!)
, but they are gonna have to be AMAZING episodes, is all I have to say. This one left me fairly underwhelmed, even though I appreciate Kenzi/Dyson/Lauren being cute and fighting evil mermaids and all the shirtless Kyle Schmid.  I just would've liked a bit more of it (particularly the Bo/Rainer part) to have made more sense.  Kenzi/Lauren/Dyson legit saved this ep from being wtf-land, imo.