Minka Kelly's dog looks exhausted as she takes him on grueling hike during Los Angeles heat wave

Minka Kelly seemed happy to be working out on Saturday even though LA was seeing an unusually intense heatwave.

But the 33-year-old's dog Chewy appeared to be not as thrilled.

The poor pooch looked as if he would have preferred to be on the sofa with the air conditioning blasting than trekking behind the Friday Night Lights beauty through the TreePeople park.

The Charlie's Angels actress looked fresh in black yoga pants, a black tank top and a white Nike baseball cap.

Her figure was in top shape with toned legs and arms, as well as a trim waist line.

She wore white and gray sneakers and had her hands full carrying her phone, keys, Chewy's leash and a bag to clean up after him.

Her lush brunette hair was pulled up in a ponytail, which bounced as she power walked.

She wore no makeup, keeping it natural for her outdoor session.