CDAN Blind Items

"On Saturday night this A list celebrity spent a ton of money on his A list mostly movie actress wife. She begged and pleaded for him to buy it for her. She doesn't ever spend her own money on anything. He bought it and apparently expected some sex that night which might be understandable considering he spent almost $1M. He didn't get any sex and none the next morning and by the time the Globes occurred our celebrity was in a really bad mood and he was openly fighting with his wife in a very subtle classy kind of way. Apparently this is not the first thing he has bought her recently to try and make her happy and it was not his choice to move to LA and for two married people they hate was palpable."
[Popular Guess]Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

One of the more annoying people last night was this B- list mostly movie actress who used to star in a franchise and now doesn't do a whole lot. She got drunk and as the night wore on kept telling people that she could have been invited to the show but chose not to be because she wanted to give others a chance to attend who might not get another chance. She also kept reminding people that she turned down the role that Jennifer Lawrence won for which is not at all the truth. Our actress begged for an audition but had no shot of the part or even reading for it. Everyone wanted her to run into Jennifer Lawrence but it didn't happen.
[Popular Guess]Ashley Greene

This almost A list mostly movie actor who is A++ in one very big department blew off his girlfriend Saturday night because he finally managed to convince his recent co-star to hook up with him. he tried during filming and during the press tour but now during awards season she finally gave in. The thing is it might actually last because he has been trying a long long time.
[Popular Guess]Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong'o

Apparently this E! reporter should fear for their safety for a few days. The reporter was telling people on the set of the show that this married A list celebrity/singer had hit on her a few times. Well, our celebrity's actress wife heard what the reporter claimed and the actress said there is no way the husband would touch someone that looked like a troll and then the actress said if she saw the reporter that she would f**k her up. Seemed pretty serious.
[Popular Guess]Kelly Osborne, Robin Thicke, and Paula Patton

This A list mostly television actress got hammered at the party much to the chagrin of her significant other who didn't know anyone at the event. The actress began the night fairly cozy with her guy but by the end of the night was telling him to stop acting like a baby and grow a pair and the party they attended after was a disaster. They didn't speak and he kept saying they should go home and she kept trying to have fun with her friends. She did flash a guy at the party who screamed she had nice t*ts.
[Popular Guess]Kaley Cuoco