Did a Breaking Bad ‘Nazi’ Really Heil Hitler at the SAG Awards?

From Matt Wilstein at Mediaite.com:

Yes, this really happened. When the cast of Breaking Bad won the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, one of the actors who portrayed a neo-Nazi gang member in the show’s final season did the “Heil Hitler” salute from the stage.

The actor was apparently inspired to make the move after Bryan Cranston, who himself won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor just moments earlier, looked around his his ensemble and thanked the “nicest bunch of white supremacist Nazis I have ever worked with.” Without inserting a “spoiler alert,” he added, “I swear to you, I would kill you all over again, I really would.”

With such a wide shot of the group on stage being used, it’s a bit hard to tell exactly which cast member it is, but after reviewing the show’s IMDB page, it appears that the actor who thought giving the Nazi salute on stage would be a good idea was Patrick Sane, who played Frankie during the show’s final season.

[gif of the salute]

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also, the article didn’t mention Michael Bowden (Uncle Jack) who raised his right then his left hand. On Talking Dead he did mention that he did not take his fake swastika off after filming and went to the airport just to see people’s reaction to the tattoo. If he wasn't doing the salute, he's still a pos. SMDH.