Lost Girl 410 Promo/Stills

Lost Girl 4.10 "Waves": With the gang still reeling from Bo's shocking announcement, Kenzi signs them up for an undercover mission at a mysterious corporation. Meanwhile, Bo retraces the steps that may lead to her destiny. Airs Sunday, January 19th on Showcase.

The promo is also on SpoilerTV, if it's blocked in your region.  Also, they have a transcript of a conference call where Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson), Zoie Palmer (Lauren) and Vanessa Piazza (producer) field press questions and are dorks and possibly/definitely trolls.  (OP:  It's for SyFy, so they don't get into a lot of detail for things that have already happened this season, other than 4.01, although some people try their luck.   Also, Kris reads fanfiction, and apparently talks about it with the producing staff, and dude, you may want to be careful there... ;-P)

Here's one question that at least applies to future/current episodes (that sorta tells us nothing, but I thought I'd include it):

Robin Burks: I also have a question for Vanessa from Twitter. Are we going to get more information about Bo's father this season?

Vanessa Piazza: You are. I mean the story line will continue. I can't say much more than that. But yes, the story line will continue. I can't say whether or not it will resolve itself, whether you'll meet him, whether you won't, whether he exists, but it is, you know, a subject I guess of the season. But that's about all I can say.  (OP:  Wow, such an informative answer! I am leaning towards Rainer just being an associate of some sort, possibly not tied to Bo's dad at all. Depends on how many mortal enemies Trick has.  I'm thinking he has quite a few now.)

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The blonde in the swimsuit is Karen Cliche, per Anna Silk on Twitter (source 4).

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[Spoiler (click to open)]The certainly didn't waste much time getting Kyle Schmid's shirt off. XD Either Showcase was holding the promo hostage after the fan response to the last ep, or they've switched to releasing them on Fridays now.  Also, nomorefrostbite should definitely read the full conference call transcript.