Spotted! One Direction's Liam Payne shops for a cosy night in - he is just like one of us

We'll totally let you call us stalkers on this occasion - although, in our defence, we were just out buying our lunch.
Once we'd filled our basket, we strolled over to the self-service check outs when BAM! Who's in front of us looking all fine and stuff in a blue plaid shirt, white tee, brand new Timberland boots and stone washed skinny jeans?
Only bloomin' Liam Payne. That's who.
The lone boy bander, who was also carrying a JD Sports bag with two shoe boxes in (greedy), was scanning his items, which included steak, whole black peppercorns, and spinach FYI.
Sounds like a very cosy Friday night in to us.
Apart from us and our beady eyes, not a single sole looked like they had a clue who he was. Which is probably very nice for him.
Not like yesterday when all eyes were on him and his stunning girlfriend Sophia Smith as they sat courtside at London's O2 Arena to watch an NBA match.
The pair looked super cute in their courtside seats - take that all other stars relegated to the second row - and matching all-black outfits as they snuggled up together to watch the game.

gimme a cheerful happy ontd 1D stans post.