Degrassi: Where Are They Now?

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Sure, some people may just know Drake as the Grammy award-winning Canadian rapper set to host Saturday Night Live tomorrow night, but to Degrassi: The Next Generation fans, he'll always be Jimmy Brooks, the school's star basketball player who was confined to a wheelchair after a tragic school shooting.
But Drake (ahem, Aubrey Graham for longtime fans of the TeenNick series), isn't the only actor to break out from the Canadian teen soap, known for tackling tough topics and sensitive subjects, such as teen pregnancy, suicide, drug abuse and more. You name it, Degrassi has done a very special episode about it (it goes there). The Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev also got her start on Degrassi, as well as several other CW actors.

We decided to check in on some of our favorite stars of the long-running drama, which is currently in its 13th season, well over 300 episodes, with no signs of slowing down (it's a Canadian national treasure is what we're saying), including Lauren Collins (What's up, hun?!), Jake Epstein (still swooning over Craig Manning!) and Shenae Grimes (Is Darcy still in Kenya?) among others.

(And apologies to fans of characters such as Ashley Kerwin, Liberty Van Zandt and Alex Nunez, we couldn't include everyone. We do have to pretend to have some semblance of a social life.)
see also: those flop bitches have done nothing noteworthy

I added some stuff from my own research, I was working on a post like this before E! wrote their own.

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Degrassi's most successful alum, Aubrey Graham is better known as Drake, the rapper who has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, won a Grammy and went on the best-selling hip hop tour of 2012. But for fans of the long-running series, he'll always be Jimmy Brooks, the basketball star who was paralyzed in Degrassi's infamous shooting episode, "Time Stands Still." Later on in the series, Graham's musical skills were put to good use, as Jimmy pursued a career as a rapper (Never forget: "Shut up girl and make my lunch!"), before deciding to undergo a stem cell surgery. Last seen in season eight, Jimmy planned on proposing to his girlfriend Trina. In promos for his Saturday Night Live hosting debut, Drake referenced his time on the soap, pleasing our inner-tween to no end.
if there are no degrassi or high school sitcom sketches then snl needs to just give up

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Degrassi's first star to make the move to Hollywood, Grimes landed the juicy role of Annie Wilson (aka the new Brenda Walsh) in the CW's 90210 reboot. But fans of the series remember her as Darcy, the super religious cheerleader, who was raped in season seven. In one of the series' most memorable sendoffs, purely because of how random it was, Darcy left Degrassi (and boyfriend Peter) for Kenya. Since 90210 ended, Grimes married British model Josh Beech. The fashionista also blogs about fashion on her official site.

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hough her character Mia Jones, a teen mom-turned-model, was less than well-received (She was basically the cause of fan favorite J.T.'s tragic death!), Dobrev left the series in season nine after landing the lead role in the CW smash hit The Vampire Diaries, making her one of the show's most successful alums. (Take that, Holly J!)
definitely did not see her getting as successful as she has

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One of the series' most beloved characters, Steele's Manny was Emma's trusty sidekick-turned-school hottie and the focus of one of the show's most controversial episodes ever when she got an abortion in season three. Manny, who romanced Spinner, Craig and Jay during her nine-season run, ended the series as a successful actress in Hollywood. (And we're pretty sure her infamous topless video never leaked onto TMZ. Phew.) Since leaving Degrassi, Steele starred in the CW's outrageously short-lived The L.A. Complex (rest in peace!) and is currently working on her music, which we highly recommend checking out. ("Shapeshifter" has a permanent spot on our workout playlist.)
still mad about the l.a. complex....but not for cassie

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The series' original bad boy, Epstein played Craig Manning, the bipolar musically-inclined Degrassi stud, who dated Ashley, got Manny pregnant, trashed a hotel room, became a famous singer and developed a coke problem during his tenure on the series. But we still have one unanswered question lingering about Craig: Did he and Ellie end up together?! We need closure. As of late, Epstein has taken to the stage, starring in Broadway productions such as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and Beautiful. He also starred in the first National tour of American Idiot.
he also auditioned for glee

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Farber's character Ellie Nash (coolest name ever) was one of the series' best, in our humble opinion, thanks to her awesome sense of style and journalism aspirations. After leaving Degrassi in season eight, Farber starred on the shortlived series 18 to Life, as well as the CW's even shorter-lived Cult. But hey, she's still BFFs with Drake, as the rapper recently posted a photo of the two on Instagram. In the caption, he dubbed her his "Penny Lane." Excuse us, we need a moment to squeal into our pillows. (Still: Team Crellie [Craig and Ellie, duh!] for life!)
jimmy/ellie tbh

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One of TV's best mean girls, Collin's Paige had one of the show's most iconic catchphrases: "Hun." She also tackled some of the series' boldest storylines, including being raped, becoming the show's first bisexual character (Oh hey, Alex!) and becoming the first character to burn down her dorm room. Last we heard of Paige, she was working in Hollywood and no longer friends with Marco, which just hurts our souls. These days, Collins is the host of Logo's 1 Girl 5 Gays and is still friends with cast members Adamo Ruggiero and Stacey Farber. (In our minds, they all still live together. Just let us have that, hun.)
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does it every year lol

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Oh hey, Johnny Eyebrows! Liboiron's Declan, a rich playboy, quickly became a fan favorite after making his debut in season nine, thanks to a romance with Holly J. But his time at Degrassi Community High was cut short, thanks to Liboiron landing the lead in Fox's shortlived dinosaur drama Terra Nova. Last we heard, Declan is at Yale and still madly in love with Holly J (or so we tell ourselves), while Liboiron's cam-tastic Netflix series Hemlock Grove was recently renewed for a second season.

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Emma Nelson was the reboot's female lead as she was the child of the original series' fan favorite, Spike. On the series, Emma went through it all (anorexia, gonorrhea, marijuana use, to name but a few), before McDonald left the show in season nine after marrying Spinner. (We still haven't gotten over that random coupling. Emma and Sean FTW!) After taking a break from acting, McDonald has appeared on Lost Girl (topless!) and Orphan Black (a who's who of Degrassi alumni).
she also teaches yoga or something. and she recently admitted to having an ED while she was on degrassi

e! online's picture was from when he was on juno wtf
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Sean Cameron made being bad look so good. Come on, the white tank, the drag-racing, the eyebrows. No wonder both Emma and Ellie fell head over heels for Sean, who eventually enlisted in the Canadian army. Aside from a small supporting role in Juno opposite Ellen Page, Clark left the acting world behind and is now a news reporter on FusionTV's America with Jorge Ramos. Who knew Sean liked politics?!
still bitter about sean/emma tbh
*Graduated from NYU with a degree in Political Communication and a minor in Business of Media and Technology. He worked as a digital news associate for ABC News and now works as an associate producer for Fusion, an ABC-Univision joint venture in Miami. He’ll be on a show called America with Jorge Ramos.

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Ablack quickly became a fan favorite after making his debut in season seven as the sensitive and sometimes socially awkward Sav. After romancing Anya and later Holly J, Sav headed off to university to major in music, in spite of his disapproving religious father, in season 11. These days, Ablack has a recurring role on Orphan Black, and is pretty entertaining on Twitter.
he needs to come back for an episode and take down leo tbh. if he was willing to get his ass kicked by johnny for his little sister, he take that french bitch leo

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what a terrible current picture smh
Criminally underused as Zane (YES YES YES), Riley's super-awesome BF, during his two seasons on Degrassi, Kook is set to star alongside Charlize Theron and Chloe Moretz in the film adaptation of Dark Places, Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn's other best-selling novel. Your loss, Degrassi.
he was also in the conjuring. super happy about the way his career is going <3

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A few others from my own research on twitter/imdb/google etc.

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Adamo Ruggiero as “Marco Del Rossi”
Starred in one last episode of Degrassi as a student-teacher in season 9 (iirc). He hosted The Next Star, a singing competition show for kids under 15, for it’s first 5 seasons. In 2012 he was in a short called The Pool Date but doesn’t seem to be up to much else. He posted on his twitter at the beginning of September that he was back in school.

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Ephraim Ellis as “Rick Murray”
He’s been in a handful of shows that don’t seem to last past the first season and had guest spots on shows that no one on here has seen.

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Shanice Banton as "Marisol Lewis" (S10-12)
“A Day Late, A Dollar Short” adaptation of novel by Terry McMillan co-starring Whoopi Goldberg; also working on music

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as much as i could get of his face after looking around...but do we really want to see that face again?
Jake Goldsbie as "Toby Isaacs"
His last acting job (as IMDB tells me) was when he came back to Degrassi for one episode in Season 8 (iirc) where he hosted a robot competition. His twitter says we works for a sports app or something equally boring.

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John Bregar as "Dylan Michalchuk
He was on something called Family Biz for a while, had a few guest spots on shows like The Mentalist. Currently on some show called Chop Shop

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Jaime Johnstone as "Peter Stone"
He was in some movie last year called "Love Me" with the ugly chick from Ned's Declassified. Hasn't really done anything either. He played in a band called Soundspeed with other ex-cast members from Degrassi.

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Andrea Lewis as "Hazel Aden"
She said Degrassi was racist. She writes and stars in a webseries called "Black Actress."

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Mike Lobel as "Jay Hogart"
He clung around Cassie Steele for a while. He was on a TV series called "Really Me!" that lasted one season back in 2012. Might be doing music or something according the the myspace link on his twitter page.

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Shane Kippel as "Spinner Mason"
Hasn't been in anything since 2011. Currently in a band called "Dear Love".

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Ryan Cooley as "J.T. York"
He disappeared for a while. He was on a TV series called "Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion" last year. Also works in something called Touch Bistro.
he's not aging well

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Annie Clark as “Fiona Coyne” (S9-12)
Was studying film at the university of Toronto but left to continue pursuing acting. Her indie-thriller “SOLO” was released earlier last year. Also has two other movies debuting this year called Criminal Seduction and Teen Lust.
probably for lifetime. i wish she'd get onto something on the cw or abcfam

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Chloe Rose as "Katie Matlin" (S11-12)
The last girl I saw getting as much work as she is outside of Degrassi considering she wanted to model, not act, and Degrassi was her first job. Guest starred on Cracked and Lost Girl. She played Juliet Hope in the film adaptation of The Lesser Blessed. She has a horror movie (co-starring Luke Bilyk) called "Hellions" coming out later this year and a Lifetime movie called "Guilty at 17." A webseries she's in called "Teenagers" premieres on Sunday. And other things I can't recall.
I'm really happy for her. Katie was my fav

source then google/imdb/twitter/my time/etc.