Video Game Post 2014.2

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1. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbrush Symphony Acapella

2. Bioshock Film Concept Art

The BioShock film is no more, but you can see what might have been illuminated on the silver screen, thanks to concept artist Jim Martin.

As the image above implies, as do several more in a gallery on Martin's official site, the film may have taken viewers into parts of Rapture that gamers never saw, like the industrial girders of the underwater city. Check out the gallery linked above to see more of the Rapture that never was, including a different take on the Bathysphere mixed in with the series' familiar art deco influences.


3. Major League Baseball Announces new RBI Baseball Game

Anyway, last developments in the RBI saga went cold years ago. Midway eventually purchased the Atari/Tengen assets, but I was told that the baseball license was sold off separately, well before Midway's last-gasp sale to Warner Brothers. An in-development game called RBI Baseball showed up for the Xbox 360, with a company called Six Degrees Games at the helm. It was never released.

Today, Major League Baseball--like, the league--announced that it's getting into the video game business proper. And its first title? R.B.I. Baseball 14. Weird, right? Specifically, this would come from the company's Advanced Media arm, which was in the news last week as the partner for WWE's soon-to-launch streaming video service, the WWE Network.


4. Next Gen Call of Cthulhu Game to be Made

Publisher Focus Home Interactive released the first five pieces of concept art for developer Frogwares' upcoming Call of Cthulhu today.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse of a dark and foreboding world full of rundown mansions, cockeyed tombstones and hanged men. Call of Cthulhu, which may be related to the early-80s pen-and-paper role-playing game based on H.P. Lovecraft mythology, is headed to next-gen consoles and PC from the French developer perhaps best known for its series of Sherlock Holmes adventure games.


5. Broken Age: Vella Trailer

6. Broken Age Review

That said, and maybe I'm a sadist, but I want you in this same agonizing intermission I now find myself in. Broken Age may be unfinished, but it's also delightful, beautiful, utterly charming and you really should play it right this second.

Because I said so.

9 out of 10


7. HVGN Sweet Home Review Part 1

8. Steam Tops 75 Million Users

In just the past three months, Steam's user base has increased by 15 percent, bringing it up to 75 million users, Valve announced today.

That's an increase of 10 million users since October, when Valve announced it had surpassed 65 million users. Since that time, the service has seen two major sales -- one in November, and a much bigger one in December. At one point during the latter sale, Steam's peak concurrent user count topped 7.6 million.


9. Let's Mock Terrible Video Game Creepypasta

10. Wii-U Sales Forecast goes from 9 Million to 2.8 Million

Nintendo has slashed the number of Wii U and 3DS consoles it expects to sell by the end of the financial year, which has had a knock-on effect on its financial projections.

In an earnings release, president Satoru Iwata explained that the company now expects to sell 2.8 million Wii U consoles by the end of March, down from original estimates of 9 million, while 3DS projections have also been revised downwards from 18 million console sales to 13.5 million.


11. Tomb Raiser Series Review Part 2: The Movies and Angel of Darkness

12. Strawberry Champagne Punch Recipe

1 liter sparkling champagne
1¼ cups fruit punch
1¼ cups ginger ale
1¼ cups orange juice
1 pint fresh strawberries
1 pint raspberry sherbet
1 pint vanilla ice cream

Chill juices and sodas before using. Then, mix juices, soda and wine in punch bowl.

Add strawberries and stir. Spoon in ice-cream and sherbet, mixing. Add ice ball preferably made of frozen punch. Garnish with strawberries, kiwi, and orange slice!