Christina Aguilera to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Just announced! Christina Aguilera will perform at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on Friday, May 2, alongside many more great artists. Check it out!

Booking the 2014 New Orleans Jazz Fest headliners came down to the wire.

Davis's interest in pop star Christina Aguilera was piqued at blues legend Etta James' funeral in California in January 2012. Davis spoke at the service; Stevie Wonder and Aguilera performed. She sang James's signature "At Last."

"She got through about a verse and a half, and everybody stood up and gave 'amens,'" Davis recalled. "It was like an electric shock went through that place as Christina sang over Etta's casket. That was an all-time moment in my life, and I've been around a lot of moments. This woman is an amazing artist."

Aguilera is managed by music industry legend Irving Azoff, who also manages the Eagles. Davis worked with Azoff to bring the Eagles to Jazz Fest in 2012. That existing relationship helped get Aguilera to Jazz Fest.

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